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Manual -Human- Submissions

Our professionally trained and experienced submitters manually submit every listing to the directories. Many of the online directories have validations which prevent automated scripts from submission, but with manual submissions there is no fear of such rejections!

Hassle-Free Service

All you need to do is place an order and nothing else! Our team of experts handle the entire submission process making your life hassle-free and focus on more important part of your business.

Value for Money

Submit to 483 and growing list of high quality web directories for a nominal one-time fee of 0.20 cents per submission. If you want us to handle the directory emails, then the submissions will cost you an additional 0.20 cents. No other hidden costs involved.

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Manual Directory submission is one of the most effective means of link building. It is considered as one of the fastest and most inexpensive means to gain high search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website. We at can help you in carrying out the arduous task of manually submitting your website to hundreds of online search engine friendly directories, so that you can sit back and enjoy the benefits.

Why Us?

  • Varied Submission Options at no Extra Cost:

We give an array of options while placing an order.
  1. Submit to all or a specific number of directories
  2. Submit by PageRank of the directory.
  3. Control the pace at which we make your directory submissions (Slow / Spread out submissions)

  • Target Multiple Search Terms:

We give you the option of entering up to 15 titles (anchor text) and descriptions. You can vary the anchor text that you enter and rank for a larger number of terms.

  • Unique Submissions:

We keep track of all the submissions made using our service and ensure that no duplicate submissions are made for your site.

  • Manage Multiple Sites from a Single Account:

You can add and manage multiple sites from your account, you need not open separate accounts for different URLs. We allow you to classify or group your sites according to related themes. This is particularly useful if you have many sites in your account as it makes for easier sorting.

  • Email Handling Service:

We create a new email account for your directory submissions, handle all the directory emails and give you a report of the mails received as well.

  • Dedicated Account:

Once you sign up for our service, an account is created for you. This account can be accessed for life; this account keeps track of all your websites, submissions made, reports, invoices and everything else that you've done with us ever since you signed up!

  • Committed Professional Team of Human Submitters:

We are an experienced & dedicated team of quality reviewers and submitters who always do their best to ensure that you get the best results from your submissions. Our parent company, MAILCARP LLP is headquartered in Singapore so you can rest assured of credibility.